Yonny Liang by Diego Sotelo

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From the sunlit streets of Barquisimeto emerges a figure whose allure transcends boundaries. Yonny Liang, a captivating blend of Venezuelan warmth, Chinese mystique, and Korean finesse, now graces the vibrant landscape of Argentina with his presence. A sensual cocktail that promises to delight and astonish, Yonny’s heritage is as diverse as it is captivating.

Peel back the layers, and you’ll uncover a young man in his twenties, whose body is a canvas of tales told by his unique lineage. Every curve, every sinew is a testament to his multicultural roots that converge to make him a breathtaking sight to behold.

When Yonny isn’t posing for the camera, revealing the artistry of his form, he delves deep into his passion: designing quirky Whatsapp stickers. A Sagittarius at heart, he shares his star sign with beloved fictional characters, Gachi and Pachi, infusing a sense of playful adventure into his life.

The photos we’ve captured shed light on the tantalizing aura that Yonny exudes. His mixed heritage brings a magnetic charm that’s hard to resist. Will you be able to?

MODEL: Yonny LiangTwitter
PHOTOGRAPHER: Diego SoteloTwitter

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