Matt: a wild man

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In the vast array of terms we use today to define male beauty, two words seem to capture Matt’s essence perfectly: “otter” and “daddy”. At first glance, these words might seem perplexing, yet they wonderfully paint the wild allure of our man of the moment.

Matt gives off strong sexy lumberjack vibes, with that raw, natural appearance that instantly draws attention. It’s this enigmatic aura that sparks our curiosity about him. Who is Matt? What’s his story?

That, however, seems to be the mystery that Unknown Boys, the photographer behind these shots, wishes to preserve. Their style leans more towards the tantalizing physique of their models than their identities. It’s an ode to these everyday yet incredibly special men.

While Matt might not be a professional model, his rugged charm and confidence in front of the camera are undeniable. This virile, hairy man, far from being reserved, unabashedly showcases himself in all his glory, gifting the lens and us with a glimpse of raw male beauty.

Unknown Boys has managed to capture this essence, and I eagerly await their next finds. If Matt is anything to go by, then we’re definitely in for more treats!


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