Yoga session with Tazz Carter

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Collaborating with a photographer like Greg Lindeblom is a one-of-a-kind experience, and model Tazz Carter speaks to it with gusto. In their joint venture, Tazz unveiled the joy of revealing himself, presenting his poses, and seeing them come alive through Greg’s lens.

When you gaze upon Greg Lindeblom’s pieces, you’re immediately taken by their timeless beauty. His captures echo the masters of male nude photography. No unnecessary distractions, just the essence: form, light, and harmony between the model and the photographer.

Greg’s focus on pose naturally led him to Tazz Carter, a devotee of yoga and body movement. Yoga, emphasizing harmony between mind and body, gives Tazz a distinct ease and confidence in front of the camera.

It was during a nude art evening that Greg was introduced to Tazz, thanks to fellow artist friend, Greg Tsontakis-Mally. The “Two Gregs,” as they’re lovingly called, enjoy collaborating with the same models, thereby offering two distinct artistic perspectives.

For Tazz, being nude wasn’t new, but being captured in such a manner was. Still, according to Greg, he proved a natural. Together, they not only immortalized classic poses but also raw yoga postures.

Tazz encapsulates the experience perfectly: “With a painter, you hold the pose longer. With a photographer, it’s about angles, light. Both experiences are rewarding. Working with Greg was fantastic. He was keen to incorporate my yoga passion. I loved the outcome and can’t wait to do it again!”

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