Evan Boutsev (Canada): Raw Masculinity Captured by Aleksandar Antonijevic

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There are models whose natural confidence makes them seem born for the camera. Evan Boutsev is undeniably one of them. Through the lens of Aleksandar Antonijevic, this young man unveils a seductive side, marked by raw honesty.

It’s not our first time admiring Aleksandar’s work. Recall the mesmerizing shots with model Kyle Killam in a bathtub—a series that previously sparked our curiosity and admiration. There’s undoubtedly a unique artistic touch to this photographer that we’re eager to explore further.

The very essence of this new series with Evan lies in its simplicity. No frills, no pretense. Just a man, in all his natural splendor, ready to bare all in front of the camera. The intimacy radiating from these pictures reminds us that beauty often resides in the purity and sincerity of a moment.

strong>MODELE: Evan Boutsev
PHOTOGRAPHE Aleksandar Antonijevic

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