Sammy, quietly charismatic

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Sammy, with his quietly charismatic presence, shares a striking resemblance to Tommy Poulain, earning him his nickname within the BelAmi family. Although they aren’t blood-related, the resemblance is enough to make one believe they could be brothers. His reserved nature makes him a quiet presence in our documentaries, letting his performances speak for themselves.

Sammy’s journey with BelAmi is marked by a notable transition in his on-camera roles. In the beginning, he almost exclusively portrayed the role of a bottom, where he shone with surrender and intensity. Over time, Sammy explored the dominant side of his persona, taking on the role of a top. Despite this shift, our intuition has always been that his talents as a bottom remain unmatched, reflected in the higher volume of scenes where he occupies this role.

After a rather uneventful last year, with Sammy unfortunately not featuring in any new scenes, we are committed to bringing his brilliance back this year. We kick off this week by showcasing his photo set from Budapest, captured by Eliot, our resident photographic maestro. These captures enchant, revealing Sammy’s beauty and intensity in a new light.

The origin of his name, inspired by his resemblance to Tommy, reinforces the idea of brotherhood within BelAmi, highlighting the intimate connections and bonds that form between models, beyond mere appearances.

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