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Behind this pseudonym hides a little guy from Clermont Ferrand who’s just been elected Mister TTBM on! And when a guy manages to do a self-fellation, no doubt it’s well deserved!

What do you think?


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  1. hi again! forget it, okay? you don’t read the mail! I continue to admire you, you’re splendid! thank the Almighty! I kiss you! and don’t forget you’re the only one I discreetly send messages to

  2. Don’t do that, leave me a message! It’s my second message. If I continue looking at you, my heart will stop! Kiss from all of me!

  3. Hi, he is a very handsome guy and he doesn’t live far from me, if he wants to meet there are no problems. Kisses to you 😀

  4. Very handsome guy, very “sporty”! Great work and good luck to him. One would want to undress him themselves…

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