Darius: The Electrical Engineering Student Lighting Up the Lens

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When I first encountered Darius, a 19-year-old deep into the world of electrical engineering, there was an air of hesitancy about him. His almost mysterious silence made me question our upcoming nude photoshoot. But, in an in-person rendezvous, his firm grip reassured me with a handshake full of determination.

As moments passed, Darius unveiled himself, releasing his allure and character. Our chosen venue? A picturesque countryside where we believed ourselves to be nature’s sole audience. Of course, a small twist awaited as a group of mountain bikers decided to cross our path, gifting Darius with moments of shy discomfort. Nonetheless, post that tiny hitch, everything was a breezy sail.

In front of the camera, Darius’ natural splendor unfolded. From what appeared as a reticent lad emerged a mesmerizing subject, overshadowing the green expanse around him.

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