“Early in the Morning” – featuring Matias.

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“Waking up early for adventures, with Matias, almost at night, yet eager to witness the first rays of sunlight in the fields, amid the grass and the chill of a winter day. One must be bold to wear scant clothing in an open field, without any hesitations; it’s a task that requires a lot of willingness, and I can assure you, it was plentiful!!!

We reside in Santa Fe, a city in Argentina, abundant with countryside, vast plains, fields sown and filled with livestock. Windmills, alfalfa bales, gates, and hillsides. Some abandoned house, which we claimed as our own. We’ve also been kicked out of a few abandoned houses for entering without permission, well, these things can happen when one is in search of the perfect photo, everything is in pursuit of art 🙂

I am thankful for having such a willing model to play along, to connect with nature and his nudity, to charm the camera and offer his beauty and amiability to anyone who enjoys observing. The photos we’ve created are part of my new photography project, aiming to explore male sensuality and sensitivity.”

– Leonardo

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  1. You are very handsome and very sexy. Someone should be honored to just spend time with you while your naked to enjoy your manhood and beauty.

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