RED BOOK – Dávid Daniš by Peter Plichta.

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As is often the case, this handsome young man isn’t just a male model, even though he could probably carve out a highly successful career doing just that.

He’s also a software engineer, another job I have no inkling about. I assume he writes code and maintains systems? Let me know in the comments.

I don’t know why I’m asking when we’re here to admire this handsome fellow and his beautiful physique.

And he is decidedly handsome. When I first laid eyes on him, I thought he hailed from somewhere near the Denmark region, perhaps Sweden. Turns out, he’s from Slovakia, which makes perfect sense.

He clearly makes good use of the local gym. He’s a lithe and sexy young man who might not be ready to bare all, but he’s happy to be teasingly sensual for photographer Peter Plichta.

MODEL: Dávid Daniš
LOCATION: Bratislava, Slovakia.

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