Maxime: The 18-year-old Dance Prodigy

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From Rennes to the Dance Floor

Hailing from Rennes, Maxime is a fresh 18-year-old face making waves in the world of art. Studying in a prestigious art school, he’s chosen to delve deep into the realm of modern dance. With each graceful movement, he embodies the passion and determination of youth.

Our paths first crossed during the summer, where the idea of “experimental” photography was born. His vibrant energy and unique dancing style hinted at the potential of an unforgettable photo session. As the leaves turned gold in autumn, a reminder pinged in my inbox. Maxime, staying true to his word, reached out, eager to step in front of the lens.

Dive into the gallery and get entranced by Maxime’s youthful exuberance and dance prowess. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts below!

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