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Mathieu is officially straight… but that doesn’t stop him from posing nude for gay websites, in this case for, which is sharing these photos with us…

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  1. Hi guy, you’re really handsome, you’re the kind of guy that I find attractive, you have such beautiful eyes, you are really, really handsome, you have a great physique, kisses 😉

  2. No matter what is said about you, you are the best of the best. There’s nothing to say, you are simply… what’s beyond very beautiful? See you later.

  3. a sympathizer with a nice dick which is a change from the overly huge ones, this is at least natural with a handsome guy, well done

  4. Salut mec, tu es super craquant avec ton beau corps musclé et j’adore ton tatouage. Je te fais des bisous partout.

  5. Another “shaved” guy for the photos! The guy is good, even though the terms athletic and muscular might be a bit much. I’d say he’s a bit “plump”! Almost…

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