Julio: The Allure of Burly Virility, Captured by Lontanop

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Picture a black and white portrait, a visual invite into a realm of contrasts and textures. A universe where beauty isn’t bound by traditional norms. At the heart of this artistic canvas stands Julio, a 37-year-old Chilean model who audaciously challenges and reinvents those norms.

Julio is a handsome chubby guy, or as colloquially called, a “chubby”. His ample contours, his round and pudgy face, provide a stark contrast to conventional models. He is a breath of fresh air, redefining beauty in a way that breaks barriers and beckons indulgence.

Look closer, and you’ll find his deep gaze fixed on you, a silent and captivating allure. His closely cropped hair adds a touch of raw masculinity to his gentle appearance, while the hair on his chest introduces a sensual texture.

Julio’s allure is undeniable. Lontanop, the photographer, has skillfully encapsulated this distinct beauty, emphasizing his voluptuous form through the striking contrast of black and white. Julio’s nudity is unabashedly showcased, his circumcised member and bulky balls revealed without taboo, blending boldness and aesthetics.

What makes Julio genuinely stand out is this blend of innocence with a self-embraced sexuality. He embodies an alternative beauty, serving as an inspiration for all those seeking to shatter stereotypes.

Julio is a living masterpiece, his rounded and furry body serving as Lontanop’s living canvas, where every detail is meticulously captured. Gazing upon these pictures, one cannot resist admiring the authenticity and allure of Julio.

MODEL: Julio
COVER ART: Thyago Bargmann

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