Italian actor Giuseppe Claudio poses nude

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If Italian actors are your thing, we’re sharing some information about Giuseppe Claudio Insalaco, model and actor with gay characters… and your next European obsession
Among the Italian actors who have played a gay character is model Giuseppe Claudio Insalaco, who starred in the films Don’t Accept Dreams from Strangers (Roberto Cuzzillo, 2015) and Mascarpone (Matteo Pilati and Alessandro Guida, 2021 ). The Rome native also devotes himself to dance and photography

Unlike other celebrities, Giuseppe Claudio Insalaco’s gay films have a history that is not directly linked to entertainment. Although the world of theater and art interested him from an early age, his beginnings were not easy. He’d been acting since he was a child, but it took him a few years to get to the productions we met him in

To pay for his dance studies, he worked as a cashier in a supermarket in his hometown. It was during one of his shifts that he met German painter Thomas Weczerek. If you often follow the artist’s work at Mutual Art, you’ll know that much of his work focuses on the male anatomy

According to what Giuseppe Claudio Insalaco talked about in an interview with entertainment journalist Carla Tofano (Metralla Rosa), the painter told him he was a very attractive young man. He offered to be her model for portraits. The relationship between the two has always been very harmonious

It’s worth noting that Weczerek wasn’t the only one to be inspired by Italian. He posed for students at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma. Likewise, artists such as Ed Firth, Simon Whittle and Radek Husak included him in their creations

In addition to financial support, the young man assured us that “modeling was something complementary to what he was looking for as an artist”. Before Giuseppe Claudio Insalaco was at the forefront of films about gay stories, he worked in advertising, appearing in a few

In addition to gay films, there’s another reason why Giuseppe Claudio Insalaco may earn a special place in your heart. He has 2 Instagram accounts. In one, he keeps up to date with his acting and dancing projects. In the other, he captivates his audience with homoerotic photo shoots

In his own words, these daring self-portraits – in addition to his so-called Nude Talks – began as a game. His partner in this adventure was and is Andrea Morani, who also specializes in artistic body photography

The popularity he gained on social networks enabled him to get involved in other projects. One of these was directing with director Giancarlo Sepe. For professional reasons, Giuseppe Claudio Insalaco maintains a nomadic lifestyle between Italy and the UK. He is currently based in London.

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