The Shy Boxer: Damien

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Meet Damien, a 27-year-old graphic designer, dedicated to both bodybuilding and boxing in the vibrant city of Strasbourg. His Moroccan heritage, passed down through his grandmother, lends him a captivating Oriental charm that’s hard to resist.

Initially reserved at the start of the photoshoot, Damien gradually shed his inhibitions, revealing a side of himself that exudes charisma. As the camera captured his essence, his timidity transformed into a radiant confidence, and I was fortunate enough to capture genuine smiles that lit up the frames.

Damien’s dedication to both muscle-building and boxing gives him a unique blend of strength and allure. His well-defined physique speaks volumes about his commitment to his craft, while his enigmatic charm adds an air of mystique that draws you in.

With roots tracing back to his Moroccan grandmother, Damien possesses a touch of Oriental elegance that sets him apart. This subtle allure hints at a world of cultural richness and exotic charm, making every photograph a captivating journey.

The initial session unfolded in a repurposed warehouse, now transformed into a multifaceted complex featuring dance studios and gyms. As the ambient light danced around him, Damien’s expressions evolved, capturing a symphony of emotions that spoke of vulnerability, strength, and sensuality.

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  1. Very handsome guy! Indeed, he doesn’t smile much. He should have stayed barefoot, the shoes aren’t great, haha. But great photo shoot!

  2. Very handsome guy indeed! Not very smiley, true. He would have looked better barefoot, not a fan of the shoes he’s wearing, haha.

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